YA Highway Road Trip Wednesday #63

by Brandi Ziegler


Writing is an occupation in which you have to keep proving your talent to those who have none. ~ Jules Renard

Road Trip Wednesday!

So I heart YA Highway. Check them out. Or at least get used to them because I plan to partake in their Road Trip Wednesday fun! This week’s prompt:

Give a blurb for your favorite book or one of your own!

I’m struggling to describe my own book, let alone someone else’s so you’ll have to settle on my unperfected query pitch paragraphs for my YA fantasy.

Chloe Delacor is certain of one thing: she is an Elemental, linked to all the Elements – everything else about her life is either lie or legend. She has been in hiding ever since she fled her besieged homeland. Monsters seen only in nightmares tried to kidnap Chloe and bring her before their master, Ichan. Barely escaping, she settles outside an incessantly boring village with her guardians – a nanny and a knight sworn to protect her. To ensure her safety they conceal Chloe’s identity and live as commoners, forcing Chloe to do the impossible: fit in.

Everything changes when Chloe is sniffed out by a whole slew of beasts that kill her loved ones and half the villagers in their search for her. Banished and heartbroken but no longer bound by secrecy, Chloe defies all childhood counsel and embraces her Elemental status. She strikes out on an adventure to discover her purpose.

Along the way Chloe discovers her connection with the Elements impacts the future of all nations, particularly the entire culture of the people who failed to protect her. Her purpose plays a part in their destruction, but she must fulfill it, otherwise no one will be able to stop the rise of Ichan. Bitterly destined to spill blood, Chloe longs to avoid fate to save a nation, but to do so she must abandon the rest of the world to perish.


Needs work, huh? Well, I emailed my query letter to the lovely ladies at LTWF who are accepting a limited number of entries for their upcoming Query Week. I hope I get picked! And I hope you participate in Road Trip Wednesday this week.