RTW #68: Whaddya Know…

by Brandi Ziegler

Never throw up on an editor.
~ Ellen Datlow

YA Highway makes me so happy! I love the topic of this week’s Road Trip Wednesday.

What do you want to know about writing and getting published? Post one question on your blog, then visit other RTW blogs and offer up your advice to their question. Hopefully, all RTW participants will get a handful or more answers to their question.

My question: What’s your query letter strategy when you send them off to prospective agents?

Some say if you have 10 query letters, send the bottom five. If you get a few bites, send your top five. Others say send your letter to all 10 because your query letter is awesome and everyone should get a fair shot at your awesome book. Okay, I’m exaggerating the second strategy, but I truly want to know because it’s something I plan to be doing this weekend. Oh… Okay, I got another question, sorry. What would be the best day of the week to send a query letter?

Thanks for all your answers, and I can’t wait to see what questions you all post!