Confessions of a Writer: I’ve Been in a Funk

by Brandi Ziegler

Every writer I know has trouble writing. 

~ Joseph Heller

I received an early Christmas Miracle this holiday season.

I found my flash drive!

Looking back on the summer and fall, I now realize how affected I’ve been. My blog posts have dwindled to nonexistent. My Least Favorite Place revisions have been slow and irregular. I’ve been working on a new story that’s taken forever to mold itself properly in my head. Sometimes I feel like I spend more time saving it in ten different places than writing it.

I wish someone would have told me to get a grip! Sheesh, I sound depressing. Moving on!

I believe the hubby and I were discussing groceries, something domestically lame for sure, and my hands were cold so I put them in my pockets. In the pockets of the sweater I wore the day I lost my flash drive. The same sweater I checked dozens of time because I knew it was the same sweater I wore the day I lost my flash drive. Dozens! I froze when my hand brushed the familiar, rectangular plastic. My husband thought I was going to faint. Numb with shock, I pulled it out and showed it to him. And then I started crying. Because I received some bad news that same day, and it was like God telling me everything was going to be all right. And so far everything has been.

So. Did everyone have a great turkey day? I had deep-fried turkey for the first time this year. I’ve been missing out!

Happy holidays! I can’t believe it’s that time of year again… and of course, happy writing!