Love Letter

by Brandi Ziegler

I write for the exact reason that I breathe… because if I didn’t, I would die.

~ Isaac Asimov


YAHighway came up with a great idea for V-day. Today they’re giving all their readers the chance to make the day one about love by hosting a blog circus (with the same format as their Road Trip Wednesdays) encouraging everyone to write a Valentine blog post! Bonus: if you link to a Valentine’s blog post, you’re automatically entered to win one of two prize packs of books and bookmarks!

It took me a while to think of who to send some love to, but then I decided on the most informative, frequently visited (for me) blog.


Dear Publishing Crawl,

I’d be lost without you. You motivate me to keep strong and write on. Your new name is just as awesome as your former title, Let The Words Flow. You never disappoint. Every week I can come to you for encouragement, book recommendations, and epic interviews with the most amazing authors. Plus tons and tons of goodie giveaways! You know the in’s and out’s of a world I struggle to enter, and you share all your knowledge with enthusiasm and genuine care.

I have to share some personal love for SJ Maas. Without her, I wouldn’t have gotten the courage to write ESTG in its own original world. And Susan Dennard – the only agented, book-dealed author to go out of her way to spend weeks with me on my query letter (I cannot wait to tell you when I sign with an agent!). And Kat Zhang… you’re just… awesome.

Please continue to make me swoon.

Forever yours,

Brandi Ziegler


Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope everyone received a little love.