YA Chatting

by Brandi Ziegler

One has to live a life that creates a writer.

~ Erno Paasilinna

There was a YAHighway prompt earlier this month that I didn’t get a chance to participate in, but it’s stuck with me all this time: who IRL can you talk to about YA? I haven’t really had an IRL YA friend until recently. Her name is Naomi and she’s a fellow YA writer, fellow mom, and all around awesome!

Naomi convinced me to finally join Twitter. I cannot believe it’s taken me this long. I feel so much more connected to the writing community. Naomi also got me involved in a local critique group. Right here in town! We meet bi-monthly at a bagel shop and spend a few hours dishing constructive criticism over coffee.

It’s been a pleasure to watch Naomi get an agent (like recently, guys), and I cannot wait to hold her book in my hands. She has been such a giving, supportive friend. I feel so blessed!

All right, enough gushing. Maybe I’ll go see what Twitter’s up to…

Happy writing!